Your Caribbean Islands Vacation: Endless Possibilities


The Caribbean Islands. The warm tropical sun glistening off the sparkling sands. The food, the people, the culture.


"But now I think about the good times,

Down in the Caribbean sunshine…"

Jimmy Buffett, One Particular Harbor

Jimmy Buffett - One Particular Harbour

The islands from a long curled tail extending from Florida and the Bahamas all the way to Trinidad and Tobago, a distance of about 2,500 miles. This "tail" separates the Atlantic Ocean from the Caribbean Sea.

JFeel the Caribbean Islands Vibe from Trunk By in St. Johnust off the coast, as you wade in, the water looks crystal clear. From above, the calming waters reflect the countless shades of blue and green, from turquoise, to sapphire to cobalt. In the distance, you can hear the local music, from the steel drums in Jamaica to the Goombay of the Bahamas. The salt air is heavy and sticks to you. The cooling sea breeze carries the smells of Callao and rice and beans. Miles of secluded sandy beaches seduce you to go for a romantic stroll on their soft sands.

Just beneath the surface of these blue and green waters lie some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the entire world, waiting for you to don your wet suit or snorkel and marvel in their undisturbed wonder.

Water not your thing? There are also flourishing rain forests with brightly colored tropical flora, monkeys and rare parrots. Arid deserts. Its all here, waiting to be explored.

Any or all of these could be your Caribbean Islands vacation destination!

Whether coming in for a few hours on a beautiful cruise ship, or spending a week a one of the many villas or hotels, there is no place more beautiful than this little slice of the tropics we like to call the Caribbean Sea.

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