Caribbean Weddings Revealed: Destination Weddings in the Islands


Caribbean weddings are a great way to enjoy your special day. Destination weddings on these tropical islands can take your breath away.

Close your eyes...

Imagine you next visit to the Caribbean islands. Can you see the clear water of the Caribbean Sea licks the sugar white beach sands? The sun bears witness from a clear blue sky. Can you feel the breeze cool you as you stand, looking into your soon-to-be spouse's eyes? Can you think of a more romantic wedding location?

I didn't think so.

More and more brides and grooms are leaving the usual weddings behind. Instead, they are turning their weddings into a multi-day tropical event! Do you want to a wedding to remember for the rest of your life? This may just be the best way for you to spend the first days of your new lives together!

Caribbean island weddings are just what they sound like. You will plan your wedding at a Caribbean island of your choice. The most popular choices are those that are on Caribbean Vacation resorts, though some opt for more exotic places. But whether you opt for a luxury Caribbean vacation resort or a beautiful tropical garden, the key is that the events do not happen at home.

Caribbean Weddings are Often by the Water
So, who should consider a Caribbean destination wedding? If you have ever wanted to have an outdoor wedding, a beach wedding, or even a garden wedding, then you might find that a Caribbean wedding is ideal for you.

But what about planning your wedding? Well, clearly, that is an excellent question.

When you are getting started, it might seem impossible to plan for a wedding that is held miles from where you are. After all, it is hard to plan a wedding that is held just a few blocks away. But, in fact, planning Caribbean weddings is not too hard at all.

More and more people are choosing an island wedding. As a result, a lot of resorts provide planning services as part of their Caribbean vacation packages, like the popular Preston Baily signature package at Sandals Resorts.

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Many of these packages include dedicated destination wedding planners who are experienced in making sure you have the perfect event. They will help you put plan each and every aspect of your romantic island wedding. Many also have trusted local vendors to provide for the wedding. This helps to lower the costs of island weddings. And you don't need to travel all the way to to the Caribbean to do so (but you can if you want :-) ).

Caribbean Weddings: Put Your Toes in the Sand
Do you have a favorite Caribbean island that you have wanted to visit? Why not have your Caribbean wedding there? There are many Caribbean vacation deals that give you a night or two free if you have your wedding at the resort and invite your family and close friends to join you in the sun and fun.

Are you worried about inviting only a few people? Have a reception when you return home for your larger circle of family and friends. We had friends that did just that and it worked out perfectly for all.

With more and more places ready to make your island destination wedding come to life, there is no reason not to get married with the sand between your toes or feet in the water.

Caribbean weddings are fun, and that is what your day should be all about. Fun!

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