Destination Wedding Venues: Choosing the Best Location


Choosing the best destination wedding venues is a key decision for having the perfect day. There are so many options. How should you choose?

The time has come for an amazing destination wedding in the Caribbean Islands. You know that you want a beautiful, sun-drenched Caribbean wedding... but you just don't know exactly with Caribbean island to choose.

Don't worry. We can help you narrow it down.

The good news is that most of the Caribbean is open for you to choose from. There are people getting married in the Caribbean each day, and you can too!

You have already taken the first step by choosing the Caribbean islands. Now you need to narrow it down to a specific island and maybe even a specific beach.

There are several things to think about when choosing a destination wedding venue. Things such as the marriage laws of the island, what resorts offer wedding services (if any), and even if you want to be married on north, south, east, or west side of the island (sunset wedding, anyone?).

For example, Negril, Jamaica is located on the west side of the island. 7-mile beach is one of the most beautiful stretches of sand in the Caribbean, and the sunsets are spectacular. And... it is lined with resorts that provide planning services for their guests. This is but one example of the many islands and things you might consider when choosing a place to get married.

Speaking of Negril, you can choose an exclusive Sandals Wedding by Martha Stewart on 7-mile beach. Talk about perfect!

Another important thing to think about is the cost. For example, if you wanted to get married on the upscale island of Anguilla, the marriage license only costs $40 if you have been on the island for 15 days or more. $284 otherwise. Depending on where you are staying for those 15 days, it can be much cheaper to pay the $284.

Our island specific wedding guides provided by the Caribbean Amphibian will help you choose the best Caribbean destination wedding venues...

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