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OurBahamas Travel Guide provides everything you need to know about vacations and travel to the Bahamas.

There are about seven hundred islands in The Bahamas, which extends five hundred miles southeastward from the coast of Florida. The closest island to the United States is Bimini (called the Gateway to the Bahamas), and the farthest away is Great Inagua. Each little chunk of paradise in between is surrounded by very clear, warm waters.

Travel to the Bahamas: The Little and the Great Bahama Banks

The Bahamas are divided into two groups, known as the Little Bahama Bank, which is north of Bimini and include Grand Bahama island, and the Great Bahama Bank, which lies south of Bimini. Banks are extremely large areas of shallow water consisting of snow white sand and grass. The waters range from 10 to 30 feet deep over these banks. At the edges of the banks are beautiful cays, reefs and ship wrecks for exploring.

Bahamas Travel: Diverse Islands Offer Diverse Experiences

Each of the many islands provides its own unique experience for vacationers and explorers alike. On the more developed islands of the Bahamas, you can find exotic flowers, beautiful beaches and high quality accommodations. The more remote (and less developed) islands have huge swaths of pine forests, swamps, barren lands, some large sandy beaches, smaller uninhabited beaches.

No matter if you plan to travel to the Bahamas on a luxurious cruise ship, or staying at one of the many beautiful hotels or resorts, the Bahamas Guide provides you all of the information you need to make your vacation or holiday a memorable one!

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