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The Carib Indians who originally inhabited Guadeloupe referred to as the "Island of Beautiful Waters," and it is no wonder. It is the crystal clear waters that bring visitors from all over the world to this archipelago.

Guadeloupe is located in the eastern Caribbean islands and is one of the islands comprising the Lesser Antilles.

In 1763 this group of islands came under French rule and remains that way to this day. So, if you do not speak French, be sure to bring along French dictionary for your trip. The people and culture of this island is a beautiful and pleasant combination of African, East Indian, and European influences. This rich harmony is often paradoxical as you explore the Guadeloupe Travel Guide.

Guadeloupe Travel Information: Overview

The islands that make up Guadeloupe arise from the sea like a beautiful butterfly. The wings of this majestic butterfly are made up of the islands of Basse-Terre on the Caribbean Sea side and Grande-Terre on the Atlantic Ocean. These islands are surrounded by the smaller islands of Iles des Saintes, La Désirade, and Marie-Galante and Petite-Terre.

As indicated by their names, the two larger islands of Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre have different terrains. Basse-Terre, which means low land in French, is more mountainous and wetter than its sister island of Grande-Terre, or large land, which is flat and dry.

Travel in Guadeloupe: Getting Around

It is fairly easy to travel in Guadeloupe, particularly the large islands via car, motorcycle and bicycle, all of which can be rented in most of the major tourist spots. You can also use the public bus; however, it is not the best method. The most popular method for travel is Guadeloupe's many taxis to ferry you from point to point. It costs about $20 US to go from the airport to Guadeloupe's largest city of Pointe-à-Pitre (about a 3 kilometer drive), or around $50 US to travel to St. Françios, where you can catch boat excursions to Désirade, and Marie-Galante and Petite-Terre.

Guadeloupe Travel Information: Attractions Overview

Major attractions for visitors include the beaches, the Basse-Terre wild national park and visit La Soufrière, Guadeloupe 's active volcano. For history buffs, exploring the beautiful cities, including Basse-Terre, the administrative capital of the archipelago, or Pointe-à-Pitre, its cultural center, are definite must-dos. However, most visitors come for the diving and snorkeling and to explore the "Beautiful Waters" of Guadeloupe.

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