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Martinique is a one of the small eastern Caribbean islands, located in the French Antilles (part of the Leeward Islands). Martinique is located just south of Dominica and north of St. Lucia where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. If you are planning on visiting this glorious paradise soon, you have found the best of the Martinique travel guides on the World Wide Web.

Martinique can be reached by flights from the United States, as well as by some cruise lines. Once you have arrived, you can move around the island by rental car, taxi, bus, bicycle, foot, or ferry.

Martinique Vacation Guides: The People

The island of Martinique has a population of almost half a million people, most of whom are French citizens. This island differs from many of the other Caribbean islands in that the official language spoken here is French and the official currency is the Euro. This is because, like Guadeloupe, it is an overseas department of France.

Martinique Information: Natural Beauty

The island has mountainous, volcanic terrain in the interior, and mangroves and white sand beaches at the coast. There is an abundant amount of animal and plant life living in the various types of forests found at different altitudes.

Martinique boasts beautiful clear water and abundant fish life that make it a perfect destination for swimmers, snorkelers, spear fishermen, and divers. White and black sand beaches surround the islands and provide the perfect backdrop for a picture perfect Caribbean vacation.

Martinique Vacation Guide: The Capital

The capital of Martinique, Fort-de-France, is a beautiful little town with hints of French architecture and many building painted in bright tropical colors and a rainbow of pastels. Fort-de-France offers a number of restaurants dishing up delicious local food often containing ingredients such as rum, pineapple, coconut, curry, or wine and local vegetables and fruit.

Martinique Information: Weather Overview

Martinique has warm tropical weather and cooling trade winds. The northern more mountainous part of the island is often cooler and rainier and has lush green rain forests. The best time to visit Martinique is during the cooler season from late winter to early spring, although this is also the busiest season. Climate can vary across the island based on altitude.

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