Martinique Travel: How to Get There and What Documents to Bring


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Travel to Martinique By Air

Airlines that schedule direct flights to Martinique, such as American Airlines or Air France, only have flights from Miami, Florida or Paris, France that go directly to the island. These airlines' flights will take you to the Lamentin International Airport near the capitol of Martinique, Fort de France. Other airlines may have to land on nearby islands like Puerto Rico or Antigua, at which time you will board a connector flight to travel to Martinique.

When searching on the Internet to book flights travel vendors sites are great places to find a large number of deals. While the prices on these sites may seem alike, be sure to understand what comes in each quoted price. Taxes, convenience fees, or service charges may be included. Some airlines may include the price of an island's departure tax in the airline fare. Read the fine print before you finalize your reservations or purchase tickets.

Travel to Martinique By Sea

Air travel is a fast way to get to the island, but you could arrive at a more leisurely pace by boarding a cruise ship and start your Martinique travel there, for cruise ships are beautiful boats with luxuries and entertainment galore. A cruise boat tour which stops at Martinique on it's journey is an adventure of luxury and excitement. You will arrive in the waters of Martinique's shores surprised and awed by the crystal blue of the water. As you take this in a local resident of Martinique will greet you and you will choose whether to tour the island's distilleries or embark on the historic sites of the island.

If you go to Martinique on your own boat, at Fort de France you can find one of the most beautiful and memorable marinas in the Caribbean to dock your boat. You will also find it very easy to charter boats on the island.

Travel to Martinique: What You Need to Know

There are some more things to know before you set out for Martinique. Most likely, you will need a passport or a visa to enter the country. People from United States, Canada, and Europe need the proof of citizenship to be allowed into Martinique. Proof of citizenship can be a certified copy of your birth certificate (this would have a raised seal on it) together with your valid driver's license. People from places such as Australia, Canada, Europe, and Japan need a passport to enter Martinique, and these passports allow them to stay on the island 90 days without a visa. However, you will also need to present a round trip ticket to be allowed entrance to the island.

People traveling to the island are allowed to carry personal items, without being taxed, in small quantities such as tobacco, film or cameras. Taking you pets along is also okay but you need to provide an anti-rabies certificate for your dogs and cats, and firearms must be declared at customs.

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