Weather in the Bahamas is Typically Tropical for this Caribbean Cousin


Weather in the Bahamas is as spectacular as the crystal clear water just off of its smooth, sandy beaches.

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Are you looking for the perfect weather for your perfect vacation? Then the Bahamas is your destination. Though not technically Caribbean islands (these islands do not border the Caribbean sea), they are often key destinations on Caribbean cruises since most ships pass this archipelago on the way to the Caribbean islands.

Weather Forecasts Bahamas: Typically Tropical

The weather in the Bahamas is semitropical with summer temperatures ranging between 78°F (25.6°C) at night and 90°F (32.2°C) during the day. Winter weather in Bahamas islands has temperatures staying above 60°F (15.6°C) at night and around 77°F (25.6°F) in the mid-afternoon. This warm weather in the Bahamas mean you will always be comfortable no matter what time of year you choose to visit. Keep in mind when visiting, however, that the relative humidity of the Bahamas is 60-100%, so you may need to change shirts often.

Don't forget to bring your bathing suit!! Sea surface temperature in the Bahamas are usually at its lowest at 74°F (23.3°F) in February and reaches its peak of 83°F (28.3°C) in August. So jump in the beautiful azure waters and relax!!

Weather Forecasts Bahamas: Rain Comes and Retreats Quickly

As with any location, particularly in the Caribbean islands, rain can come at anytime, but the typical rainy season in the Bahamas is from May to October. Rainfall between November and April (the dry season) averages 2 inches per month, while the averages increase to 6 inches per month during the rainy season. The humidity is also at its highest during the rainy season.

Rainy weather also varies in the weather in Bahamas depending on your location. The northern islands may receive as much as 20% more rain than the Nassau area while the Southern islands generally only see half as much rain as Nassau. As with most of its cousin Caribbean islands to the south, rainfall generally comes in the form of brief thunderstorms that quickly make way for the soothing sunshine to return.

Weather Forecasts Bahamas: Hurricanes can be Hectic

The official hurricane season of the Bahamas if from June to November with most hurricanes affecting Bahamas weather occurring between July and October. Of the entire Caribbean islands basin, the Bahamas has the greatest frequency of hurricane activity. The Bahamas weather is disturbed by tropical storm or hurricane activity every 3 years, and there is a direct hurricane strike every 11 years or so on average. Therefore, it is best to check with the national weather service before travelling in order to ensure the safety of you and your fellow travelers.

Conclusion: Bahamas Weather Is Beautiful Any Time of Year

If you are planning a trip to the Bahamas, you will find the weather in the Bahamas is typically tropical and relaxing, similar to the Caribbean islands that lie to the south. However, the area is frequented by hurricanes, so be sure to check the weather forecast Bahamas before you leave on your cruise or resort vacation.

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