Scuba Diving in the Bahamas is Some of the Best in the Caribbean Islands


Scuba diving in the Bahamas presents some of the most beautiful, unique and challenging scuba diving in the Caribbean islands.

Whether you travel these islands by yourself or put yourself in the hands of a trusty diving crew, your opportunities for scuba diving in the Bahamas are endless.

Stuart Coves offers some of the finest scuba diving available. They not only offer certification courses, but, also choices of morning or afternoon or all day diving in prices ranging from $89US to and all day of $140US. They will take you to Lyford Cay where you can dive into waters at a 70 foot elevation to up to 6500 feet. The soft coral offer up such beautiful and exotic colors and among all this you will also find lobsters and conch seemingly floating on the ocean floor.

If you desire larger and more interesting fish when Bahamas Scuba Diving, try Goulda Cay, which offers up not only more of the Bahamas beautiful coral but, nurse sharks ,rays and turtles.

When it comes to hotels there are many who cater to the scuba diver to help shape your Bahamas dive vacation. Small Hope Bay Lodge offers scuba trips, including all accessories ranging in price from $1900US depending on length of stay. Valetines Resort offers scuba divers the best of both worlds, with accommodations, good food and daily tank boat trips and equipment ranging a little pricier into the $2000US range and up.

Looking for real luxury? Try doing your scuba diving on the Aqua Cat Cruises. This catamaran offers lessons, equipment and relaxation. You dive from your catamaran and stay on for great accommodations and food. You will visit such great diving places as the Ridge where the water level starts at 45 feet and allows you to see schools of dolphin fish and reef sharks. Or dive Razorback where its 50 feet drops to a deep wall of beautiful soft and hard coral. There are grouper, grunts and reef sharks abounding. You can even spot the occasional moray eel!

With over 700 islands to admire, the Bahamas offers breath taking views on land and into its beautiful clear blue water. Beautiful coral, and every fish imaginable to see, and there is a Bahamas dive vacation waiting there for any person. Whether you are a beginner or choose to dive with sharks, you can find some of the Caribbean island's best scuba diving in the Bahamas.

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