Warning: Grenada Weather is Perfect for Adventures and Beach-Goers Alike!


Grenada weather remains moderate and comfortable year around. The Eastern Caribbean island of Grenada has temperatures that range from and average low of 75°F (24°C) to 87°F (30°C).

These reasonable temperatures are created by the northeast trade winds, which once brought adventurers to this island seeking spices. You’ll not have to suffer through the typical Caribbean island tropical heat like you might in the summer on other Caribbean islands.

Weather in Grenada Depends on Where You Are

The average temperature are a good reference point for Grenada weather. However, if you travel around the island, you’ll cross through various altitudes resulting in a wide variation in temperatures.

For example, the weather is much more reasonable (read: cooler) in the interior part of the island making exploring this Caribbean island more comfortable; however, if you travel along the coast, and visit the beaches, you’ll find the temperatures to be a bit higher, which is not a bad thing if you are planning for a day of sun worshipping, and relaxing by the azure waters.

As a result, you should plan for a variety of temperatures if you plan to do more than just lay around on the beach while visiting Grenada.

Weather Grenada: What Season Is It?

The coldest months for weather in Grenada are November through February, and the warmest months are January through May. During the rainy season, from June to December, it rains most days—although usually not for a longer than an hour.

The average rainfall per month during the rainy season is between nine and ten inches (22.9 cm to 25.4 cm). This is also the most humid time of the year, and therefore can be a bit uncomfortable at times. The dry season is from January to May.

Weather Forecast Grenada: Hurricanes?

Grenada is on the southern edge of the hurricane belt. As a result, this weather in Grenada has only been interrupted by three hurricanes in the last fifty years. Hurricane Humberto in 2007 was the last hurricane to come close to Grenada. The greatest risk of hurricanes and tropical storms is from June to December, during the rainy season.

Grenada weather is beautiful and diverse, making this tropical Caribbean island paradise a wonderful destination for explorers and beach goers alike!

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