The Weather in Bonaire is Some of the Best in the Caribbean Islands


The weather in Bonaire is some of the most gentile of all the Caribbean islands. Check out the current Bonaire weather below.

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The weather forecast in Bonaire offers plenty of sun, with a light easterly breeze, creating slightly cooler than average Caribbean islands temperatures. The near constant temperature in Bonaire Weather makes visiting the island a pleasant experience all year around. The average temperature in Bonaire is around 82°F (30°C) with 75% relative humidity. The average water temperature in Bonaire 80°F (29°C).

Can I Expect a Lot of Rain in Bonaire?

The short answer is no. Bonaire's average rainfall is about 20.5 inches, with 65% occurring during the "rainy" season from October through January. This is 11% less rain per year than Curacao, but 13% more than Aruba.

The fact that Bonaire is located just 22 degrees above the equator, also plays a role in why so little precipitation is present. The other contributing factor is a steady wind from the east that blows over the island most of the year (with October known for lesser winds, and even occasional wind direction reversals).

Do Hurricanes Affect this Southern Caribbean Island?

Although, this area of the Caribbean islands experiences a brush with a major tropical storm system every 7 years or so, it sees a direct hurricane strike only once every 27 years on average. The last major hurricane to come near Bonaire was Hurricane Felix in the September of 2007, where only minor flooding occurred.

The famous coral reefs and welcoming weather in Bonaire provides an ideal tourist attraction and a warm place to enjoy your vacation.

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