Best Tourist Attractions in Dominica? These Can't Be Beat!


There are many great tourist attractions in Dominica, including some breathtaking Dominica ecotourism that is unparalleled in the Caribbean islands.

People choose Dominica vacations to see an array of the Caribbean island's (and the worldÂ’s) most beautiful places. From brilliant waterfalls to amazing panoramic views atop many mountains, tourists here will never get bored. An awesome marine life and historic outposts explains why tourist attractions in Dominica are great for people of all ages!

Known as the "Nature Island" of the Caribbean, many flock from the busy corporate world to share in the majestic scenery here in Dominica. Tourists arrive at one of two airports ready for the explosion of life. You can see the largest boiling lake in the Americas (and the second largest in the world), waterfalls, gorgeous mountain tops, hiking trails and get ready to go scuba diving in one of the Top Ten places to dive in the world!

In Dominica, there are many companies that facilitate vacations, from the mundane to the world renowned adventures of Dominica ecotourism, so that you can live out your wildest dream! Trample through the ruins of an old English Outpost, or through the luscious green vines and ferns of a vividly colored rainforest.

Indulge yourself in the richest joys of life as you experience the famous culture of the Caribbean lifestyle. Lay back and enjoy your favorite beverage (mine is a rum and Coke) on the crystal clear beaches and warm waters that surround Dominica. Take in the warm sun, sweet hospitality, laid-back lifestyle, healthy and tasty food, and exciting opportunities to just do something different.

Because of the many non-traditional Dominica vacation options, this Caribbean island provides the perfect vacation hot spot for every taste.

Start planning your next (or first) Dominica vacation, a place where every type of person can do what they want, experience something different, and have a Dominica vacation on their dreams.

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