Dreaming of Sandals Jamaica?


Sandals Jamaica. It just sounds and feels so good to say it. Go ahead. Try it...

There. You feel more relaxed already, don’t you?

In Jamaica, you get it all…  the relaxation, the warm tropical sun, the soft, silky sand, the cool blue water, and the all of the beauty the tropics has to offer.

But, when you’re not relaxing on the beach, playing in the sun, or cooling down with an Appleton rum and Coke, you have to sleep (and be pampered) somewhere, right?

Of course you do.

So where else would stay other than the classy and elegant Sandals Resort in Jamaica?

Let me ask you this...

What comes to mind when you think about a Sandals Jamaica resort?

For me, first and foremost is comfort, style and location.

Can you picture the magnificent gardens and the breath taking views of the Caribbean Sea? Can you taste the world class food? Can you feel your worries disappear as you enter your unbelievably comfortable rooms.

Clearly nothing says relaxation like a Sandals Resort Jamaica. Every single amenity allows you to do just relax and enjoy the stay (and create a plan to escape here permanently!).

If you’re stressed, treat yourself to a massage at their world famous Red Lane spa, have a drink and sit by the pool, or dip your toes in the Caribbean sea. Or, if you want, just enjoy the large spacious rooms, which the large HDTV’s, turn off the alarm clock and take a mid afternoon nap...  you get everything you need feel right at home while making your stress feel millions of miles away.

Speaking of comfort and relaxation, did you know that most of the Sandals Resorts in Jamaica have rooms available where you have an ocean view while you sit in the jacuzzi? What could be better than sipping a fine Appleton rum while you unwind in the jacuzzi after a hard day of vacationing? :-) All while staring at the Caribbean Sea...

Honeymooners (the newly in love) and those of us who are old pros (but still newly in love!) will fall in love with Sandals Resort in Jamaica.

From the friendly Jamaican staff (no problem!)and the nightly entertainment, to the romantic dining and tropical environment, Sandals Jamaica is perfectly suited to allow your love to grow and blossom even further during this special vacation.

Enjoy the ocean view from your room balcony while sipping a perfect glass of Beringer wine, order room service and enjoy the first days of your new lives together.

What!?! You're not married yet? Why not get married at a Jamaican Sandals Resort? The world renowned wedding planner Preston Bailey has put together the ultimate wedding package to take your special day to the next level. Get married, and then start your honeymoon... immediately (Sandals calls it a WeddingMoon).

The local staff are beyond friendly, smiling, wonderful people - it is Jamaica, after all - and they make it a pleasure to stay at the Sandals Resorts.

Whether you are a "beach bum" like me (I never like to get off the sand) or adventurous like my wife, there is plenty for everyone at a Sandals Jamaica. Scuba diving, fishing, hiking, eating, golf... you will have a hard time getting bored.

Sandals is clearly well known throughout the world for providing the best in rest and relaxation in the Caribbean.

So where can you find a Sandals Jamaica Resort? Great question!

Click any of the links below to find out more about a specific location…

Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, White House or Negril.

All of these locations provide the ultimate in tropical beauty. Rich, soft, sandy beaches nestled right up to the  crystal blue waters will force you to leave the island in awe... or you might just choose to stay forever!

I believe it is impossible to not have fun, relax, or stay entertained on your trip or honeymoon (or wedding!) at a Sandals Jamaica resort.

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