The Spectacular Jamaica All-Inclusive Resorts Are Easy to Enjoy During COVID-19


Are you considering a vacation at one of the Jamaica all-inclusive resorts? Concerned about the Jamaica COVID-19 protocols?

We were too... and we're here to ease your mind.

So, if you're wondering about the Jamaica COVID-19 protocols... this overview is for you.

Our Brief Jamaica All-Inclusive Resort Story | We Weren't Supposed to Be Here

We're 6 days from putting our toes in the white sands of the Negril 7-Mile Beach as I write this. (November 15, 2020)

But rest easy, I'll update often as we get more information and based on our travel experiences.

Each update will have a date, so you always know you have the current information.

Trust this. We know the stress that comes with travel to the Jamaica all-inclusive resorts. Even without the added hoops of the Jamaica coronavirus restrictions.

How? Because 8 days ago, we were planning on going to Beaches Turks and Caicos.

Yesterday (November 14, 2020), because of a tax dispute (read more here), that all changed. Sandals (Beaches parent company) decided to throw their customers to the wolves. But that's another story completely.

Suffice it to say, we've scrambled to figure out a new itinerary. So we switched to Beaches Negril. The Beaches Resort in Negril is our favorite family friendly Jamaica all-inclusive resort. But, this time, getting there involves the Jamaica COVID-19 requirements.

Jamaica COVID-19 Testing Requirements

So what did we need to get approved for travel to Jamaica for our Caribbean vacation?

Keep reading for the Ultimate Jamaica COVID-19 Safe Travel Guide.

The first roadblock we ran into was at the Beaches website. There, it claims to provide information needed to visit the Jamaica All-Inclusive Resorts.

Beaches Jamaica COVID-19 Requirements List is Not Accurate.

It says you need a COVID-19 RT-PCR swab test if you're coming from the United States.

Yet, if you head over to, you get a different story.

There, you can see that if you want to enjoy the Jamaica weather, you need either a negative PCR or Antigen test. The lab analyzing the test must have a CLIA registration or have an ISO 15189 certification.

Real COVID-19 Requirements to Visit the Jamaica All-Inclusive Resorts.

Here'st the truth. The websites for the all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica may have limited information. We trust the official sites and follow them for Jamaica coronavirus rules.

That said, the rules for getting your COVID-19 test are clear and laid out on the Visit Jamaica site.

You can read them below.

Complete List of COVID-19 Requirements for Your Jamaica Vacation.

Now that you know the Jamaica coronavirus testing requirements, get your test scheduled. You can take it up to 10 days before you travel. To make sure you are within the window, they've built a calculator for you.

While you're waiting for your results, submit your travel authorization request.

Jamaica Travel Authorization Requests

You'll need it at your departure airport. You cannot board the plane without it.

The process is pretty easy. You can apply at anytime within 5 days of your travel.

You'll need your passport. You'll need the name and address of your Jamaica all-inclusive resort. And you'll need to answer a few questions about COVID-19.

Easy peasy.

Best part? It's an automated process. You get your authorization within 5 minutes of applying.

You can even apply for family members if, like us, you're vacationing as a group.

From there, print and present to the airline at check in!

Our Jamaica All-Inclusive Resort Vacation | A Happy Ending?

We'd already scheduled PCR tests to travel to Turks and Caicos. But because of the Beaches Resort debacle, we had to regroup. We grabbed a room at Beaches Negril.

The good thing is the ease of getting an authorization to travel to Jamaica. And we already know that the Jamaica all-inclusive resorts are top notch.

For us, it was an easy switch.

Yet, we know that with the 10 day window the process could have been easier if we known where we were going earlier.

Because of that, I recommend that you start with an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica. They are open, and they are welcoming US guests.

Be safe. And enjoy your Jamaica all-inclusive resort vacation!

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