Explore Dominica and Find a New Level of Caribbean Island Paradise


Would you like to explore Dominica? It is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled destinations in the Caribbean islands.

Dominica is a beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea that has many adventures for the traveler to enjoy. This Caribbean island had gone out of its way to remain "secluded." As a result, you will notice the crowds are smaller and the space is larger for enjoying your trip. These smaller crowds have left the island in pristine condition, and perfect for exploring.

Dominica Has Wonderful Whale Watching Opportunities

At Dominica you can enjoy whale watching from the lovely coast. In fact, Dominica's completely sheltered deep water off its west coast makes it the only country in the world where you can see sperm whales all year around. It is amazing in the warm tropical paradise to enjoy the whales at play.

See Famous Places From the Movies in Dominica

The producers of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3 decided to explore this Caribbean island and were so impressed that they decided to shoot parts of the blockbuster movies here. The sparsely populated region was ideal for making the film.

You can see some of the locations that were used for the films when you explore Dominica. For instance, the "little Throat" gorge is a breathtaking swim to the base of a waterfall through what seem to be rooms and ponds (actually they are cliff walls that are very tall) to a warm spring that feels very good after the chill of the falls waters. On Dominica's Northeast coast is a beautiful secluded bay with sand named Hampstead, and above Scott's Head Soufriere Bay is the home of the famous Cannibal Village.

Take a Hike to Explore Dominica

Dominica is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers as well. There are over 300 miles of foot paths for taking hikes. The trails are woven through gorges and mountains up to 4,000 feet high. The scenery is gorgeous and there is a trail suitable for absolutely every fitness level. You can hike to beautiful Trafalgar Falls you can see a lush rainforest, a double cascade waterfall, warm pools and rushing streams.

If you are a backpacker seeking a more intense challenge you will relish Dominica Ecotourtism such as Perdu Temp, Boiling Lake, Morne Diablotin or the Waitukubuli trail while hiking on the island.

Dominica Has Many Festivals to Keep You Entertained

Independence Day in Dominica is November 3, celebrating the independence they acquired from Britain in 1978. The cultural activities of this festival has can last as long as four weeks. The celebrations include dances with European roots, such as the Hill and Toe, Waltz, and Quadrille, as well as dances that borrow from African traditions such as Bèlè.

There are other celebration days that honor the heritage and culture of Dominica. These include Kwèyòl Day, Heritage Day, and National Day. These holidays spawn several parades throughout the year.

Accommodations in Dominica are as Diverse as the Landscape

Vacationing in Dominica offers lovely beach front villas with views of the rugged coastline. You can stay along Dominica's unique black sand beaches or in mountain top cottages with spectacular views. There are even natural resorts inside the rain forest where you will be taken away from the modern world into an exquisite escape.

As you can see, there are many diverse options for anyone who would like to explore Dominica and all of its unblemished beauty.

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