Dominica Scuba Diving is a Diver's Dream Come True


Without a doubt, Dominica scuba diving is some of the best in the Caribbean islands.

Dominica ecotourism is world renowned. Dominica diving is one of the reasons why.

Dominica is the largest of the Windward Islands and is as exotic choice for scuba divers to enjoy diving and snorkeling. This island and its surrounding crystal clear waters are still relatively undisturbed making this fantastic haven for the scuba divers to explore.

Dominica Diving Presents Unique Experiences

Dominica scuba diving exposes you to huge populations of unique underwater marine life, many you have not seen before. How about feasting your eyes on black coral or tube sponges while you swim these intriguing waters? Then there's the fish, such as Flying Gurnards, Banded Morays or Bat fish to name only a few. While you are below the surface, experiencing the majestic Dominica diving, do not miss the huge Barrel Sponges or the Electric Rays.

A thrilling experience would be diving at Soufriere Bay which is host to a submerged volcano. Divers of all skill levels maneuver around the lip of this submerged crater, swimming through drifts and drops of up to 600 feet. Even though the drifts of this crater's interior can be strong, there are areas that are suitable for beginners.

Dominica Diving Instruction

There is all sorts of scuba diving instruction available on the island of Dominica. Some of the options you can choose are (there are many more):

  • Resort course with two dives included for approximately $200US,
  • Refresher courses for about $50US,
  • Referral course with four dives included for around $250US, and
  • Night diver for roughly $175

Scuba diving certification is also available, with full certification (PADI-NAUI-NASCS) costing just over $425. For those that are interested, Nitrox certification is also available for approximately $225.

Dominica Ecotourism: Diving Destinations

Destinations on the island include Scott's Head which has lamp diving and scenic areas for the dives. There are 25 dive and snorkeling sites in this area. Also, diving spots such as Cabrit's, Pinard, Cottage Point and Douglas Point are popular. Many of these destinations allow you to see bubbles from volcanic activity on the surface of the water and feel the heat of the activity with your hands.

Dominica is a very nice, beautiful location for your Dominica scuba diving adventures.

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