Dominica Restaurants Offer a Little Bit of Flavor for Everyone


Dominica restaurants offer a diverse menu sure to satisfy any pallet.

In Dominica there are several types of restaurants such as Asian, African or even French. However, special to this Caribbean island is its own unique spin on these well known styles.

You may know that a cooking custom of Dominica is using the bay leaf (of which there are three varieties) for seasoning food. Dominica also cultivates nutmeg, saffron, a wide variety of hot peppers and extraordinary coffee, locally grown and harvested. All of these are used not only to season the food, but to decorate the tables as well.

The restaurants in Dominica open anywhere between 7:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. and stay open until 10:00 p.m. or so. Many restaurants are closed for the day on Sundays.

Dominica restaurants create their menus from items off their own island as well as from neighboring islands. The clientele can be anywhere from local residents to tourists enjoying the scenic attractions.

Many hotels in Dominica have restaurants; many even house the higher end restaurants. For example, the Anchorage Hotel and Dive Center harbors a fine restaurant, the Ocean Terrace Restaurant. The menu here includes the local delicacies along with delicious Indian food. Also, nearby are several restaurants with a variety of cuisines to select from. At Taiwanese Delicacies you will be served Thai creations like noodles or Miso soup. At Le Robe Creole, you will get a taste of Indian creole. Le Robe Creole doubles as a tavern, who accepts credit cards (unlike many of the other restaurants).

For those craving French cuisine, the Ti Caz Café is an excellent choice. All of these restaurants are located in close proximity to the Anchorage Hotel and Dive Center in the Roseau and the area of Dominica overlooking the Caribbean Sea on the Southwest coast.

In Mero, located on the West coast, you can feast and drink at the Palms Restaurant and The Rhum Barrel Beach Bar in an open air dining room overlooking Castaway beach. The bar offers a special BBQ on Sundays from noon until sunset. At Domcan's Cafe on Ridge Road, in the NE corner of the island, (fifteen miles from Milville airport), you can enjoy North American fare in this tropical Caribbean island paradise.

At La Salle Jojo, located at Picard Portsmouth in North West Dominica, you can also nab some American cuisine. You can feast on familiar foods, as well as the local cuisine, while enjoying the night life that two bars on the premises provide. This restaurant is decorated in lush green and orange and is open every day for braakfast, lunch and dinner. You can enjoy the air conditioned comfort of dining indoors or you can relax on the patio terrace in the warm tropical sun.

No matter your taste, there is something for everyone at the diverse Dominica restaurants.

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