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Use a Dominica map to find your way around this Caribbean island paradise.

Dominica Map: Location in the Caribbean Islands
Dominica is essentially a very rugged terrain with volcanic peaks and valleys covered with quite thick vegetation. Dominica's terrain has a multitude of rivers, more than 350 to be precise, hot springs, lakes, falls and pools. The best way to experience all this beauty of fantastic fauna and flora at once is to go and stay in the thick of it. Use a Dominica map to make sure you know where you are and where you are going!

Freshwater Lake, one of the many attractive places to visit is, at 2,500 feet in elevation, only accessible through a 2.5 mile drive up a former carriage road. This crater lake, lying at the base of Morne Micotrin, is situated in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park. In this park you will also be able to see Boeri Lake and Boiling Lake, a scalding hot geyser fueled by volcanic gasses escaping from the molten lava that's deep below its surface.There's also the route to Trafalgar Falls for those hiking enthusiasts. It is a moderate hike over a marked trail where you are likely to come across bright orange and black land crabs scurrying across your path.

Due to the island's relatively high range of altitude, coupled with its high rainfall, it has a wide variety of vegetation. Over 1000 different species of flowering plants including 74 species of orchids and 200 ferns are included in the native flora. Plants that so far have been identified includes 22 endemic species, one being the well known bwa kwaib, officially designated as the island's national flower! Dominica's roads are quite fairly well maintained, but extremely curvy and many places lacking shoulders. The island is also home to quite a wide variety of tropical wildlife.

Dominica is also a haven for enthusiastic bird watchers as they boast many bird species only to be found on their island. Birds like the Imperial parrot and the Jacquot parrot are native to Dominica and not found anywhere else in the world. To date, as much as 172 species of birds have been recorded including two endemic and endangered species of parrots-the Sisserou (Dominica's national bird) and the Red-necked Parrot.

Map Dominica: Detailed Overview

Dominica Map: Detailed Overview

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Most of Dominica's beaches are only made up of dark gray or jet black volcanic sands, which are unusual but not uncommon right throughout the region. But, along the northeastern edge of the island, almost never seen gold or honey-colored sands line a few beaches. Dominica's beaches tends to be a little rocky, so you may want to use a Dominica map to choose your beaches carefully if sunbathing is your thing.

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