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Our Caribbean Islands Directory provides only the best resources for travel to not only the Caribbean islands, but other slices of paradise throughout the world.

The "amphibians" here at The Caribbean Amphibian go to great lengths to review each site submission to ensure quality of content. This means that each link results in a value to you, our readers who are interested in information on the Caribbean islands lifestyle.

Why do we include places other than the islands around the Caribbean Sea in the Caribbean Islands Directory?

Excellent question!!!

We know, that just like us, you may want to visit places other than the Caribbean islands. We like to scoot over to have a Waikiki Beach vacation every so often ourselves.

As a result, we are committed to providing you with the best resources for places that we have visited (or would like to visit soon!).

Caribbean Islands Resources

Caribbean Islands Resources include our friends from around the Caribbean Islands and Beaches that provide additional content to help you find your perfect slice of paradise.

Grand Cayman Wanderer - We spent time wandering Grand Cayman, on land, sea, (and undersea) and we thought it was great. We fell in love with it and we think you'll see why. If we can make you feel even a small part how we felt, this site will have served its purpose.

Le Caribbean Islands - This is a site with lots of information on the Caribbean Islands. On Caribbean Family Vacations, Caribbean Weddings and Honeymoons, All Inclusive Vacations, Beaches Resorts, Exotic Beaches and much more...

Other Tropical Locales

Other Tropical Locales includes all of those places that "feel" like the Caribbean Islands from a weather standpoint, but may have a different (and enjoyable) vibe than you might get from the Caribbean.

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