Listen to Barbados Radio Stations for Up to Date on Music, News, Sports and Talk


You have arrived in Barbados, and rented a car – now you want to listen to a Barbados radio station…


You are sitting in your office, day dreaming of your next trip to the Caribbean islands and need a good shot of Bajan music…

What are your choices?

With eleven stations to choose from, Barbados radio stations present an eclectic mix of music and talk to fit almost any listening interest.

Of course, for many of the radio stations below, you can listen to live online, so you can have hear the sounds of Barbados any time you want!

Barbados Radio Stations: AM Stations

CBC Radio – 900 AM and 94.7 FM

The first is CBC Radio, which is broadcast on 900 AM and 94.7 FM. CBC Radio is the primary radio station of the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation and bills itself as the "The Caribbean's Best Connection." This station is a wonderful source for local news and events (such as Cricket matches and other local sporting events) from this Caribbean island, with major newscasts at 6AM, 1PM, and 7PM daily.

In addition to local news and sports, CBC Radio 900 AM and 94.7 FM also plays a wide variety of music from the Caribbean islands such as Bajan Reggae, Dub or Dancehall, Calypso, Oldies, and Non-Calypso Caribbean (for example: pan jazz, salsa, zouk, etc.).

Listen to CBC Radio 900 AM and 94.7 FM Now

Barbados Radio Stations: FM Stations

BBS Radio – 90.7 FM

BBS Radio if found at 90.7 on your FM dial and is a great source of adult contemporary music in Barbados.

BBS Radio 90.7 FM does not currently have a working online feed.

Voice of Barbados – 92.9 FM

The Voice of Barbados (VoB) is a member of the Starcom network of stations in Barbados. It is a mixed format of talk, sports, and music. It was the second radio station in Barbados and originally appeared on 790 AM. In the late 1990's, the Voice of Barbados relocated to its current home at 92.9 FM.

In 2000, VoB received the NAB Crystal Radio Award, awarded since 1987 for outstanding year-round commitment to community service.

Listen to the Voice of Barbados 92.9 FM Now

HOTT – 95.3 FM

HOTT 95.3 FM is a Starcom network radio station in Barbados. If was founded in 1997 to target the youth market on this Caribbean Island. Its music format currently plays several different genres of music, including rap, reggae, R&B, soca in addition to a variety of dub (dancehall or club) music. If you want to know what's currently hot in the Bajan music scene, HOTT 95.3 is your choice.

You can listen to HOTT 95.3 FM over the internet, but you must first register at their website.

Listen to the HOTT 95.3 FM Now (Opens in New Window)

Mix - 96.9 FM

As the name suggest, Mix 96.9 FM plays a mix of music, offering something for just about everyone. They play new music, including pop, R&B, hip-hop and local music from around the Caribbean islands. If you want to know what is hot and new on the Barbados music scene then you should check out Mix 96.9 next time you are in the Caribbean islands.

Listen to Mix 96.9 FM Now

Whatever your taste, you can probably find it among these Barbados Radio Stations!

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