The Barbados Banks Hockey Festival is an Outstanding Mix of Sun and Sports


The Barbados Banks Hockey Festival (officially the Banks International Hockey Festival), features teams from around the Caribbean and the world.

Held on the alluring and beautiful island of Barbados, this event features approximately 65 teams hailing from the Caribbean, Europe, South America, the United States and Abu Dhabi participating in one of the largest and most competitive annual field hockey tournaments in the world.

The Barbados Banks International Hockey Festival was created in 1986 by Tony Cozier, Winsmore Humphery, and Mike Owen. This year (2008)will be the 23rd edition of the Barbados Banks Hockey Festival.

Even When You Lose, You Win at the Banks International Hockey Festival

Locally known as "The Festival," the Barbados Banks International Hockey Festival is sponsored by the locally brewed Banks Beer. It usually takes place around the third week of August and lasts for approximately one week.

The festival begins with opening round games on Saturday. These games are followed by an amazing opening ceremony on the following evening.

Games take place on both the pristine turf at Sir Garfield Sobers Sports Complex and grass pitches (including the famous cricket pitch, Kensington Oval) around the island. Depending on a teams success, they can play anywhere from four to seven consecutive days.

Losing, however, is not always a bad thing, as there are many festival related parties to attend, in addition to the normal range of activities and sandy white beaches and crystal clear waters to explore on this beautiful Caribbean island paradise.

Banks Hockey Festival Governing Body

The Barbados Banks International Hockey Festival is governed by Barbados Hockey Federation. The Barbados Hockey Federation which is a member of both the International Hockey Federation (FIH) and the Pan-American Hockey Federation (PAHF). As a result follow FIH rules.

This competitive, yet friendly (isn't everything friendly in Barbados?!) field hockey festival is divided into four divisions: men, women, mixed, and men's veteran.

Surrounded by all of the entrapments of Barbados, from white sands that meet blue waters, to the outstanding nightlife, the Barbados Banks Hockey Festival is a must attend for the sun and sports enthusiast!

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