The Barbados Airport is One of the Best Airports in the Caribbean Islands


The Barbados airport, whose official name is the Grantley Adams International Airport (or simply Grantley Adams Airport, for short) will be the first thing you see following your flight to Barbados.

The Grantley Adams Airport of Barbados is located in Seawell, Christ Church, which is about 30 minutes (8 miles) southeast of the capital city of Bridgetown.

At over 2 million passengers per year, the Barbados airport is one of the busiest airports in the Caribbean islands.

The Grantley Adams Airport Barbados has two terminal buildings, one for departures and one for arrivals. These two terminal buildings are covered by a large translucent membrane the gives the illusion that it is actually one building. This membrane allows light to penetrate during the day, and allows the escaping light at night to give the airport a tropical glow.

The ticketing hall is covered, but largely open to the elements, not unlike the airport in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, providing an open, tropical feeling.

Barbados Airport Facilities

Conveniently, when you arrive at the Grantley Adams International Airport following your flight to Barbados, there is a Barbados Tourism Authority desk. Here, you can get assistance and obtain information on tours, transportation and accommodations.

Additionally, the arrivals hall also contains a duty-free liquor and tobacco shop where you can pick up some "provisions" for your stay after your flight to Barbados.

The airport also houses branches of the Barbados Postal Service, the Barbados National Bank, and a bureau de change for exchanging your currency for Barbadian dollars.

On the departures side of the airport terminal, do not forget to visit the landside courtyard. Before you leave this Caribbean island paradise, you have the opportunity to visit the landside restaurant by Chefette, the Banks Bar, or the Café Blue Coffee Bar to tide you over and give you that final taste of the Caribbean islands.

There is also ample opportunity for shopping at Grantley Adams Airport in Barbados. There are souvenir and clothing shops, pharmacy, ice-cream parlor and several duty free shops throughout the airport. There are also several small souvenir and snack stands across from the ticketing hall.

Finally, if you had a particularly rough flight, you can find a chapel on the mezzanine level.

For those flying to Barbados for business, the Club Caribbean Lounge provides a business center that includes conference rooms and is equipped with fax and internet capabilities. Additionally, British Airways offers lounges with internet and fax abilities.

Leaving the Barbados Airport

Courtesy Rent-A-Car is the only authorized car rental company located at the Grantley Adams Airport Barbados (though there are other rental agencies located near the airport), for those wanting to do some self-exploration of this beautiful Caribbean island.

For the less adventurous, taxi service operates from the airport 24/7. The taxis are not metered and operate on a "fixed fare" system; as a result, you should be sure to agree on your taxi fare in advance of your trip.

Bus service leaves the airport every half hour to Bridgetown from 6 AM to midnight. The trip, on modern Mercedes buses, takes about 45 minutes.

Ground based travel not sufficient? Horizon Helicopters, based at the Barbados airport will provide private transportation to many hotels and villas across the island.

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